A brief introduction

I’m a 16-year-old Brazilian male, which means my cultural standpoint when I talk about movies is extremely limited. (Because I’m 16, not because I’m Brazilian or male.) Yet here I am, starting this WordPress blog, much as I’m aware that it’s probably never going to attract a whole lot of readers. Why? Well, firstly, it’s 8 PM on a Sunday, I’m bored, and I might as well. Secondly, as a member of the grossly misrepresented group of 16-year-old Brazilian males, I feel that I should try to show the world, even if through a very small window, that, our broken English and our obsession with “The Big Bang Theory” notwithstanding, we are people too. In fact, thanks to the miracle of informatization, we are now consumers of a lot of the same culture as anyone reading this text, and therefore just as capable of formulating our own humble opinions regarding that culture — some of us, you’ll learn quickly from my texts, can even be rather pedantic about it.

Thirdly and most importantly, I really like movies. And while common sense would have it that maybe I should be out there making them, that’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, and I believe a WordPress blog may be a healthy vehicle for my thoughts and observations on film until that gets sorted out. I know perfectly well, however, that there are hundreds upon hundreds, possibly thousands upon thousands of people out there writing about movies on WordPress blogs, which is why the title and central premise of this one is “Cheese Buns in the Dark.” Cheese buns, take note, are a popular Brazilian snack consisting of small, round buns that sort of taste like cheese but not really; they are as delicious as they are difficult to describe, and an aspect of my culture I take pride in. What outsiders may find interesting about that, though, is that some movie theater chains have begun selling them at retail counters as an alternative to popcorn, and, wouldn’t you know it, cheese buns and darkened screening rooms are actually a pretty fine match.

That doesn’t mean I intend to stop eating popcorn when I go to the movies — I’m not clinically insane — but it does mean that I have found in Brazilian multiplexes something that symbolizes very well the specificity of the moviegoing experience down here in Carnival Land, which is my selling point. Or, well, maybe it doesn’t symbolize jack and I’ve just found something that separates me from the thousands upon thousands — one way or another, I think it’s a good title and I’ll try to make this a good blog, or at least one worth reading. If you intend to stick with it, I love you and you may expect to find reviews, analyses, and occasional resentful rants about things such as why I don’t think Frozen was all that progressive. (You’ll notice I’m not very business-savvy, either — it’s been three paragraphs and I’ve already badmouthed Frozen.) I can’t promise you specifics about my identity, but I’m completely open to communication through comments and messages (can you leave messages here? I’m not really familiar with WordPress). Lastly, if you ever need to address me by name, feel free to call me Mr. Knoll. It’s not my actual surname; I’ll explain later.

I believe that’s it for the moment.